Responsible Gambling is a strong advocate of gambling for recreational purposes and in no way supports playing activities that indicate signs of spiraling out of control. Consequently, gambling addiction is a matter of great concern to us, and we always make sure to direct individuals demonstrating problematic behavior to the authorities that are responsible for such matters., as a trusted online casino portal, is strict about not promoting any of its content, products or services to minors, or overall people under the age of 18, or the equivalent age minimum in other territories.

Some signs of gambling addiction or irresponsible gambling might be the following. Make sure to contact the equivalent authorities, should you feel you belong to any of these categories:

Compulsive Gambling

This is the most common form of problem gambling. You might be suffering from that if you can’t stop betting or wagering even after significant losses. Such individuals have no control of their finances and will keep playing even when they are to the point of bankruptcy.

Binge Gambling

Relatively similar to the previous category, these individuals might have achieved to sustain their uncontrollable gambling urges, but in the event that an opportunity arises they will start playing again without any ability to put a stop to it.

Consequences of problem gambling

Signs of problem gambling may vary, but most of them share some things in common.

  • Obsessively thinking about gambling.
  • An uncontrollable need for increasingly higher wagers.
  • Getting anxious if there’s an opportunity to gamble, and they’re not taking advantage of it instantly.
  • Finding refuge in gambling in an attempt to escape having to deal with personal matters.
  • Chasing money lost with more gambling.
  • Prioritizes gambling over personal relationships.
  • Inability to stop gambling even when they had the intent to do so.

Should you be experiencing any of these signs, please make sure to consult with a professional on the matter. The following boards can always be a good starting point for your psychological support.

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